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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busan again ^^

these two three days i'm not feeling well..
i got back pain + flu + cough..huh complete set!
hopefully will recover soon..insyaAllah ^^
i will continue the story at Busan again..

 after finished my lunch ,  i proceed to hanjin training center..
its is designated training center by korean goverment..
mostly ship engineers attend the training here..

the guys with blue flag is my facilitator..Mr. Chu Dae-Sik..
tu dua org ahjumma rambut kerinting tu hahaha is korean but migrated to Usa and working for Hanjin USA..

they welcoming us with sousaphone performance..
it was nice^^

 welcome on board!!

awesome view..fresh!!
view from ( i cant remember what level.haha.lol)

ade cruise..ade bridge..beautiful^^

 Developed Busan..umah sumo botingkek-tingkek..haha^^

me pun nak posing..

simulator..i sgt pening bile try this simulator..
seems like real one..siap ade big wave and storms..haha

then we proceed to Hanjin New Port..

beyond the ocean!

 the instructor presented to us about hanjin new port..

the lift was decorated like container door..cantikkan^^

Wow! ..i was so impressed!
it was so dynamic; yard stacked with containers,
gigantic cranes moving hundreds of boxes in and off a vessels.

 what i wondered the most was how those containers and machines operated??

my colleagues from Europe^^

vessel : Hanjin Marine

 priceless memories..

dinner time..

as usual i took seafoods and veges ..
sedap tau udang tu..hehe...byk i amik..berkali2 i amik..

fruits and shusi's
 mmg makan sampai kenyang...hehe

after dinner..walked along to reach hotel..
nice weather..i miss busan!!

yeah..sampai dah hotel..
Novotel Ambassador Busan is located along Haeundae Beach

 need a good rest..

 memanjakan diri...hehe..ber"bath tub" lagi..
my friend ajak i pi ronda market..but i'm so exhausted..
tp skang ni bile pikir2 mcm ruginye tak pergi..haha

 sleep alone again..
again dunia ini ana yg punya..hehe^^
per night was cost me KRW 451,000....
all was paid by hanjin..^^
i tido for free..hehe

tv mmg i tak tutup..time tido pun i pasang gak..hahaha
takut tido sorang2 sebenarnye..kekeke

mini bar..everything complete..

 very strong signal...great!!

nite nite Busan..^^
tomorrow need to return to Seoul..

see ya later...