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Sunday, May 16, 2010

:: nyza,amy & kaseh day out ::

salam all..
yesterday, its my pleasure to spent time a whole day with my luvly frenz amy and her cute daughter Kaseh..
as she just come back from Oslo 2 weeks ago, i already plan to meet them somewhere around..
i used to fetch them in their house at desa impiana, puchong prima..at first, i hd a bit scared of  "tersesat", coz i'm not familiar with puchong area, luckily ibu kaseh was a good navigator..so i managed to reach there about 35 minutes from sg buloh with no "sesat-sesat"..hehe..after that we went to sunway pyramid...yehaaaa

enjoice the momentozzz captured..(sadly ibu kaseh forgot to bring her nikon D90..its ok dude,just captured from my cap ayam handphone),,hehe)

ole-ole2 from Oslo..thanks dear..FM - my collection rise up

easter day egg...but actually inside is a dark choclate & white chocolate...delicious!!

we used to go ole-ele bali fr makan-makan..ibu kaseh mmg  teringin nak makan kat sini , sbb mase die kat oslo aritu die pernah ckp, nk mkn kat ole-ole bali...so tercapai la hajat die....

ibu & cute kaseh..

we both ordered the same drink..barley lime ice..yesterday was very hot, and this barley lime very fresshieee and iceyyy to have it...but forgot to have alpukat juice..isshhhh

soto ayam for me..coz i dont eat rice..yummmyy!..inside the soto got nasi impit, but i didnt take it..

and nasi campur fr ibu kaseh..this worth of money..coz all the lauk pauk is tasty..sate lilit-sgt sedap, ayam percik - sgt  sdp, udang bakar - sgt sedap, ikan dori bakar sgt sedap, sotong bakar pun sedap....berbaloiiiiiiiii
puas ibu kaseh makan...

then we went to jusco..ibu kaseh is very happy coz everthing is cheaper here than oslo..looked at kaseh stroller, hehehehe..ibu borong habis-habisan...

kaseh tamo minum susu...main2 je dgn botol avent die..sbb mulut dh kena sumbat dgn pacifier..

dah pilih2 baju...rs haus plak tekak...we have a refreshment @ starbucks..thanks ibu kaseh coz blanje me ..hehe

kaseh..peace!..only one cute finger up??,,hehehe

then we went to poh kong,,ibu nak cari gelang kaki utk kaseh..tp takkan nk snap gambo plak kat poh kong tu..nnt org kate jakun plak..hehehe..

pastu kite balik umah kaseh..lepak2 dgn kaseh sambil cik niza belek2 D90 ibu...best2..tak sabo to have mine..insyaAllah..

amy & kaseh,
its a great day to spent with both of you..
insyaAllah we will met again one day..

4hb jun ni, ibu and kaseh nak balik Oslo dah..huuhu sedih..
take care dear...have a safe journey...


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MiJa said...

wah seronoknya dpt jalan2 ngan kaseh!