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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busan , here I come^^

today is my last day working for this week..yeayyyy
Dua hari cuti...merehatkan diri..^^
sambung cerita pi Busan pulak ye..

I had early breakfast at 600 am..haha so early
kat m'sia waktu ni baru kul 5 pg hokay..
variety of delicious foods was served, but i just took croissant and bread plus
vege salad..others is all non halal :((
its difficuilt to find halal food in Korea..

fresh orange @ Naru Restaurant & Bar ^^

 i need to meet my facilitator and my group at 800 am..
i finished early my breakfast at 700 am and i went to jalan2 around the hotel area^^
it was a nice morning^^..fresh and cold a bit..

people are rushing to across the road to get to subway station.
most of korean use pubic transport to go to office due to convenience and punctuality^^

not so busy road during peak hour..

most of the car on the road was korean national car^^
tak jumpe pun brand2 lain..hehe
Mr. H ke Mr. T ke mmg very seldom to get..^^

i was at Gimpo International Aiport..heading to Busan for one night..
 its took one hour flight to Busan

 we used Korean Air for domestic flight..

 my colleague from Pheonix Office..Ms. Kristian Nordin.
selalu bergaduh bertekak pasal keje thru email..hahhaha
but in person she's really a nice person..very soft spoken..hehe
 nice to meet you here Kristian.^^

yeayy dah sampai Busan..
Busan, here i come ^^
beautiful place surrounded by sea..awesome..

 makan lagi...we had lunch with korean traditional food..

kena duduk bersila hokay..kata traditional kan..kekeke

a traditional royal palace dish using cucumber, which is called “OiSeon” in Korean.
The special sweet and sour flavored dressing makes a great combination with the salted cucumbers, shitake mushroom, fried egg, and spicy hot pepper.
it was good ^^

 kind of kimchi^^

kind of korean rice cake..tatau ape name..

 all of above i have it for lunch except the last one ^^
but it was good lunch..tp tak berapa nk kenyang..^^
tekak melayu nak makan nasi jugak..kekeke

tak habis cerita lagi, baru sampai lunch je ni
tak habis pun cerita sehari di Busan lagi..
nnt kite sambung ye..
good night ^^

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