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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

:: lunch outing @ bubba gump shrimp ::

yeahhh...lunch td aku & ofcemate ade lunch outing @ bubba gump shrimp , sunway pyramid..
aku sgt yehaaaa...dh lama pun tak mkan kat sini..last sekali aku mkn kag BGS @ the curve..
so star kul 12 tghari sampei la nk dekat kul 3,,ha ko, mkn tak hengat punye..muahahahah

lets piccas tells the story...




Put this sign 'Run Forrest Run' if you want the waiters service and 'Stop Forrest Stop' if you dont need them to attend to you!








caesar salad

garlic bread

  bubba's after the storm "bucket of boat trash "..ni mmg la aku tak abes, byk giler

bourbon street chicken

new york strip steak

mama's cinnamon bread pudding

chocolate chip cookie sundae


dapat prezzie..yehaaaa

me with my korean bos..Mr. KW Nam..annesayoKkkkk..hehehe


food ** excellent **   and service ** superb **

(Halal. Menu consists of quite a lot of prawn dishes. There is also beef, chicken and fish dishes, if you prefer but a limited choice.)

~till now

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