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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 04 - Hanjin Anniversary Ceremony + Namdaemun again ^^

we are in the middle of week..
hopefully all gonna be fine..^^
cik niza nak sambung cite lagi....

my breakfast at day 04..
some cereals with fresh milk plus croissant and the friends^^

i'm ready for the event..

on the way to Hanjin Head office..
passed by the Han River..
see the Han River bridge yg popular in almost korean movies..
klu frust ke, klu bercinta ke confirm merayu menangis tepi Han river ni..hehe^^

Hanjin Shipping Head Office,
25 Gukjegeumyung-Ro 2-Gil,
Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul 150-949, Korea ^^

i was here^^..
syukran ya Allah...di atas rahmat rezeki mu..

Welcome to SELHO!!

in the event of celebrating 63rd Hanjin Anniversary Ceremony^^
all the winners from home and overseas offices was awarded the prize..
Congratulations!! Fighty!!

photo with the Chairwoman and Mr. President.
Unforgetfull and priceless memories^^
i was proud of myself..

me at SELCCS..customer service office headoffice
yeah, here i come!!^^
i banyak deals with SELCCS office for outbound documentation..

meeting with counterparts...
any issue will bring up and discuss here..
but masing2 no mood of that..haha..
we datang sini only for holiday..have fun^^

kite posing lagi...hehe
no mood of meeting at all...

 i sempat jeling lagi..hehe
thist time we are waiting for makan2 lunch after discussion with counterparts..

lunch time with counterpart office..
with my beloved boss Mr. Nam
we having korean food again^^

with Kristian too..
she had won best customer service center..
tgk tu cik kak ni tgh mengipas a thousand dollars...congrats!!

ready for foods^^


my first time tried..
boleh la makan dari terasa lapar kan..hehe
healthy food..good for your health..
tu la org korea muka cantik, kulit licin,slim melim...hehe

ala-ala nasi campur gitu..
mixed all the veges and chili paste..
beware of the chili paste..put a little first...its quite spicy..
if you love spicy add it more...^^

me and kak delima ..

Mr. Nam , me and Rosalind

Mr. Nam accompany us to get a cab to reach hotel..

Mr. Nam...thank you for your nice treat..
the thought that count!!
glad to see you in your great country..
hopefully will see you again..^^

yeahhh shopping time...all event was done..
so we get to hotel and ready to namdaemun for second time..
kak Delima and Lim searching for the correct route/Line..

transfer to Gyeongui Line

sampai sudah di Namdaemun^^
but i a bit frustated because tak jumpe the Namdaemun Gate 5 or 6 etc..
the market area was very big..even you cant finish shopping in one or two days..
so i redah je la mana2 area pun asalkan sampai namdaemun market..hehe

yeah...NAMDAEMUN ^^
the multiple colourful flags was bring some unique sounds..
its everywhere at Namdaemun..

It's made from the newly harvested rice. It's essentially a small, crescent-shaped rice cake that contains either red beans, chestnuts, jujubes, powdered sesame, or just brown sugar.
ala-ala koci la klu kat mesia ni..^^

Its Beondegi..or silkworm
Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which are seasoned..
Bau die kussss semangat...agak kuat...

berlambak-lambak seaweed
tp i tak beli...kat mesia pun ade..

some of souvernirs yang i beli..
kat namdaemun ni kena pandai2 la bargain..
ade yg mmg tk bg kurang langsung..
selalunye mmg fixed la harga yg dorang letak tu..

i'm so thirsty...
banyak kali dh round2...
so i turn to try this fresh mixed juice..

seronok tgk ahjumma blend juice tu..
rasa cam nak rasa semua..haha
buah fresh2 gitu...
it cost me KRW4000..lebih kurang 12 hengget..gulppp

ni lagi satu yg i rasa interesting la...
hotdog disalut dgn fish paste..
hand made tau dorang salut fish paste tu..
pastu terus goreng...

its so tempting..
tp i tak beli la..huhu
my fren kata "heaven"...
tak rasa pun i tau mmg heaven la....haha

i bought about 20 pieces of t-shirt..
ahjumma ni pandai ckp melayu...
ramai org mesia beli kat die...tu yg die dh pandai ckp melayu..tp sket2 la
die ckp mcm ni.." tiga helai sepuloh "..hehe
means 3 pieces for 10000 won..

fresh vege...

macam batang sawi je...
i rasa ni batang sawi jeruk ni..hehehe
i amik je gambo yang i rasa interesting...

ha ni mamat ni pun pandai ckp melayu..
siap bg salam kat i lagi...
cotton bead candy..pandai die buat..halus je...

pau kot..pau korea...hehe

bile petang sket banyak la kedai2 mcm ni yg bukak..
seronok tgk..macam-macam ade..hehe

seafoods and kimbap.

i love the view..

this one too..
peoples enjoying their foods...

ahjumaa with all the sayur-sayur
mung bean sprout and the friends^^

ahjumma ni tgh syiok makan mee sup..hehe
tak perasan i tgh snap gambo die...
ape ye yg die jual tu...mcm sawi je..hehe

sesi menghabiskan stok..hehe
mmg lapar bile malam2 ni..
malas nak memenuhkan luggage, i makan habiskan je...hahahaa 

till next entry^^

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