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Monday, October 14, 2013

return to seoul + gyeongbokgung palace + dinner with Mr. Nam

hollaaa..its Monday..
happy working..salam aidil adha... ^^
Day 03 in Korea , need to return back to Seoul for the next schedule..

 Good Morning Busan..its about 5.00 am in the morning the photo was taken..
tp dah cerah dah^^

yaa this one also took around 5.00 am in the morning..^^
a very cold morning with the breeze from huaendae beach..

 having a cup of espresso before returning to Seoul..

journey to Airport by bus..

Gimhae International Airport, Busan

 heading to Seoul..

yeah dah sampai Seoul..

hi malayziaaaa...^^

having lunch with Mr. President and Board of Director at Mad For Garlic..
We having a western lunch..

Mr. President gave a speech.. 

a starter... caesar salad..yummmehhh

 seafood carbonara..yummmeeehhhh
got lobster inside the carbonara sauce..
it was delicious combining with garlic..

 Garlic pizza...
all garlic..hahaha as the synonym with the restaurant name " MAD for  Garlic"

After lunch we proceed to Gyeongbokgung Palace..


its was a very huge palace..

 luckily when we arrived, the guard changing ceremony was started.

 impressed! truly korean^^

i was here..^^

very unique roof top design..
vibrant of colours ..

it is a clock in (i forgot what dynasty..haha)
the time was based on the sun shadows..brilliant!!

 it was called Pavillion..

in front of pavillion..
mendamaikan jiwa!^^

ramai ahjussi and ahjumma kat sini..jalan2 makan angin..hehe
perasan tak pakcik2 yg pakai kod hitam tu..
one of the pakcik asked me..where are u from?malaysia?..
i was smiled and said yes...

 hydrengea..its blooming around this palace..
sgt cantikkkkk...

tak ingt nama...tapi sangat cantik jugak..
siap ade small bridge to get there..

sebelum balik meh tangkap gamba pak guard..
ni ala2 pak guard kat istana negara tu la..
mmg tak bergerak langsung..senyap sunyi seribu bahasa..haha

i had dinner appointment with my ex-boss..
finally we met in Korea after a year he left Malaysia..

my very spotting and beloved boss..
Mr. Ki-Whang Nam...i call him Mr. Nam..
Korea...peace yo!!..haha

we heading to Itaewon by subway for halal foods..
we're having turkish food for this dinner..
terperanjat la korea2 tu makan turkish foods..hehe
after all we enjoy the foods very much..kamsahamnida^^

lamb grill..with rice

tak tau roti ape...roti arab kot..hehe

fruits salad and kind of tortilas..
it was delicious..

photo with all my ex-big bosses..
all of them left Malaysia a few years ago..come back to Korea for good^^
until we met again..again Kamsamnida^^

after a good dinner we jalan2 dekat Itaewon..
was very sad because nak pegi hard rock cafe tapi HRC seoul dah lama tutup..
huhu xdapat la menambah collection t-shirt HRC..

from Itaewon we proceed to Dongdaemun..
sgt sejuk and windy here...^^
i beli souvernirs lagi utk org2 kat mesia..
but here a bit expensive than namdaemun..
i beli jugak sbb takut tak sempat nk pegi namdaemun lagi..
tapi hahahaha terpegi jugak..nnt kite cite next entry yea...

heaven..mcm2 ada..

Dongdaemun at night..

also got cosmetic shop here along the streets..
i borong face masks kat Nature Republic..hehe..murah

balik ke sangkar semula...
esok ade Hanjin Anniversary Ceremony dekat head office..
all the awards will be given to the winners too..

habit i mesti terbangun dalam kul 2 pagi camtu..haha
still a busy seoul at 2 am in the morning..

till we meet again..

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