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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:: Jamu Kocok + Temu Lawak ::

ahakzzz...i used to make this n3 b4 i go work..
last night, went to uptown kota d'sara with mybuddy..
walking around and i saw a "gerai" sell a variety of jamu's and others cosmetic products which is from indonesia..
then suddenly, when i turned and i saw on my left a couple who did try the "jamu kocok"..
i obviously eager to see "tante"(calling fr the kakak , i think she is the shop owner) preparing the jamu kocok..
she mixed the duck egg + tamarine juice + tumeric juice + a packet of jamu..mixed together and jamu kocok is ready to drink...

at first the couple like to vormit when try it..but they managed to finished the jamu with a "sweet sour" face..hehehe..
i'm wondering..how the taste actually???

 pic credit to mr. google..
i used to take some pic..but no need la..coz people will said "jakun ke budak ni??"..hehehe
"tante" ask me to try the jamu kocok..but i not ready yet...hehehe.not ready of what actually the taste and the smell..oh my god!..may be next time..sure???..buddy??will u??

then i bought a temulawak..i have been used temulawak quite a long time..
fr the fisrt time i use it, its a bit oily..and i feel my face like a fried fish..hahahaha
alhamdulillah , no more fr now..


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Sari said...

kat opis ksari pun ader satu kakak tu pkai temulawak, licin n gebu jer muka dia w/pun umur 50+, ksari? mkn temulawak cicah smbal belacan + tempoyak tau la..hehe